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Ferritin IMMULITE®/IMMULITE 1000 Reagent (Kit 100 Tests)


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For in vitro diagnostic use with the IMMULITE and IMMULITE 1000 Analyzers — for the quantitative measurement of ferritin in serum, as an aid in the clinical diagnosis of iron deficiency and overload.

  • Catalog Number: LKFE1
  • (100 tests) Test Code: FER
  • Color: Aqua

Ferritin Summary and Explanation

The ferritin molecule consists of a protein shell (MW 450,000) and a core of iron.1,2 High concentrations are found in liver cells and in erythrocyte recycling centers (RE cells) of the liver, spleen and bone marrow. In these tissues, ferritin serves as the body’s principal storehouse for surplus iron, protecting against the toxic effects of excess and maintaining a readily mobilized reserve for erythropoiesis.3,4 Ferritin is also present in human plasma, where its concentration is normally a satisfactory index of body iron stores as measured by quantitative phlebotomy, iron absorption studies, liver biopsy and the microscopic examination of bone marrow aspirates for stainable iron deposits.

Warnings and Precautions

  • For in vitro diagnostic use.
  • Reagents: Store at 2–8°C. Dispose of in accordance with applicable laws.

Materials Supplied

  • Components are a matched set. The barcode labels are needed for the assay.
  • Ferritin Test Units (LFE1) Each barcode-labeled unit contains one bead coated with monoclonal murine anti-ferritin. Stable at 2–8°C until expiration date.
  • LKFE1: 100 units

Allow the Test Unit bags to come to room temperature before opening. Open by cutting along the top edge, leaving the ziplock ridge intact. Reseal the bags to protect from moisture.

Ferritin Reagent Wedge (LFE2) With barcode. 7.5 mL alkaline phosphatase (bovine calf intestine) conjugated to polyclonal goat anti-ferritin in buffer,with preservative. Store capped and refrigerated: stable at 2–8°C until expiration date. Recommended usage is within 30 days after opening when stored as indicated. LKFE1: 1 wedge

Ferritin Adjustors (LFEL, LFEH) Two vials (Low and High), 2.5 mL each, of ferritin in a human protein-based matrix, with preservative. Stable at 2–8°C for 30 days after opening. Do not freeze. LKFE1: 1 set

Kit Components Supplied Separately

Ferritin Sample Diluent (LFEZ) For the manual dilution of samples. One vial containing 25 mL of a ferritin-free human protein-based matrix, with preservative. Stable at 2–8°C for 30 days after opening, or for 6 months (aliquotted) at –20°C.

  • LSUBX: Chemiluminescent Substrate
  • LPWS2: Probe Wash Module
  • LKPM : Probe Cleaning Kit LCHx-y: Sample Cup Holders (barcoded)
  • LSCP: Sample Cups (disposable)
  • LSCC: Sample Cup Caps (optional)

Also Required

  • Sample transfer pipets, distilled or deionized water, controls


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